Transplant Update – Infusions

Back in September I wrote on how my body has been creating donor-specific antibodies to fight off my transplanted organs.

I’ve finally begun the process of getting rid of these through infusions at UCLA, and had my first infusion Wednesday. It was around 4 hours of sitting in a chair waiting for the IV to finish, but overall it went very smoothly. I only felt a bit hot and nauseated at the start, though the nurse said the infusion itself shouldn’t cause that; maybe it was due the mix of meds they gave me first to counteract the infusion.

The next infusions are this week spread out to two days for at least 6 hours each, which should give me plenty of time to catch up on my shell scripting tutorials.

I’ll probably write another update next week, but since this first infusion was supposed to be the heavier substance with greater side-effects, I’m expecting the next two infusions to go just as smoothly. Not too bad of an experience for a proactive precaution against possible rejection by wiping out more of my remaining, and already weakened, immune system.