Xen Hypervisor NAT Routing

My existing Xen networking setup consists of a simple eth0->xenbr0 Linux bridge that essentially moves eth0’s IP address over to xenbr0 with each Xen DomU guest reaching out to the router for DHCP assignments. In order to move away from depending on a networked router and towards deployment-enforced Xen networking, I have reconfigured xenbr0 as […]

Improving Linux Scripting

I was asked how I have been able to improve my Linux scripting abilities for use with Linux and figured I would turn it into my first tech-focused blog post. To start off for any Linux scripting, it’s important to know your way around Linux command line so that when it comes time for your […]

DreamHost – New Job, Big Changes

This week starts my second week as a systems admin at DreamHost and it’s meant several big changes which, so far, have all been good. I’m now working out of our Los Angles office 50 floors up in the AON Center with a window looking out towards the Hollywood sign.

DreamHost DreamCon

  This year marked our first ever DreamHost user conference, DreamCon, where we had a successful turnout of nearly 100 customers, conference sponsors, and employees. It was an exciting chance to get out an meet some of our users in person and find out about their background and exactly how their benefitting from our hosting. […]