DreamHost – One Month Later

I’m almost a month into the new job with DreamHost. When time flies, you know you’re having fun.

Within the company, we have a way we can “high-five” each other when they’ve helped us out or done something beneficial for someone else or the company overall. So here’s my public “high-five” to my new lead, Justin K., and everyone else, who’s made the transition smooth, not intimidating or overwhelming (ok, just a little overwhelming), and has already taught me a lot. Continue reading

Transplant Anniversary

July 13 marks the anniversary of my double organ (liver and small bowel) transplant; this year being my 14th year out. Every year that passes I grow more appreciative of the gift of life I received as I experience new things that I otherwise would have missed out on. I would have not have experienced graduation from high school, college, and university, my first job which I still enjoy to today, watching my brother’s family grow, my sister setting out on her career in radiology and hearing of her travels around the world, or my parents buying a lovely house in the mountains only to see it burn down in a fire, then to watch them rebuild it better than before and retire in it, the list could go on. I have been able to live 14 years in much better health than my prior 11 years aside from occasional set backs dealing with dehydration and kidney stones. Continue reading