Lifetime Goals and Becoming Something Bigger

Today I listened to two podcasts that had very profound things to say about life’s focus and leaving a long-lasting impression on the world. Freedomain Radio : Jobs after School The Thinking Atheist: Getting Older Stef’s bit on finding a path after school, and particularly the phrase “don’t be a cog in a machine”, spoke […]

DreamHost DreamCon

  This year marked our first ever DreamHost user conference, DreamCon, where we had a successful turnout of nearly 100 customers, conference sponsors, and employees. It was an exciting chance to get out an meet some of our users in person and find out about their background and exactly how their benefitting from our hosting. […]


This site will hopefully house some of my thoughts on philosophy and life in general. No content as of yet, though.

DreamHost – One Month Later

I’m almost a month into the new job with DreamHost. When time flies, you know you’re having fun. Within the company, we have a way we can “high-five” each other when they’ve helped us out or done something beneficial for someone else or the company overall. So here’s my public “high-five” to my new lead, […]

15 Years Out – Transplant Update

Today marks my 15th year out from transplant and other than my recent hospitalization, for still some unknown reason, everything is going well. January marked the end of my experiment of not taking any anti-rejection medication as there was mild acute rejection found on the liver.

Transplant Anniversary

July 13 marks the anniversary of my double organ (liver and small bowel) transplant; this year being my 14th year out. Every year that passes I grow more appreciative of the gift of life I received as I experience new things that I otherwise would have missed out on. I would have not have experienced […]